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Video Download: Naihanchi - Attached Combative Tactics

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This is a 50-minute edited HD recording of a virtual workshop on the combative application of Naihanchi Kata, with particular focus on close-range attached tactics.


In this presentation, Chris Denwood shares step by step, a progressive two-person drill that conveniently follows the choreography of the kata, whilst covering several essential principles for limb and clinch control, as well as some of the core teachings of Okinawan karate.


One of the reasons why Naihanchi Kata is so widely applied, is because it contains the very fundamentals of karate, and may be practiced/studied regardless of style. Join Chris as he explores Naihanchi Kata and how it may be used to help transmit some essential lessons on close-range self-protection.

"Chris Denwood Sensei taught a great session that left people excited to keep training even after the session was over! His explanation of Naihanchi application was clear and concise, and his presentation was friendly and open to questions." - Noah Legel (Arizona Practical Karate)

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