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Naihanchi Renzoku Bunkai Online Course

Join Chris as he explores with you the bridge between form and function, using an insightful application flow drill from his dojo, inspired by one of the fundamental forms of Okinawan Karate...

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Bring Naihanchi back to the core of your karate....

The single most important truth to appreciate when exploring the classical forms (kata) of karate, is that we are unable to confirm with absolute certainty, their definitive application.

Due to the sterling work undertaken by numerous karate historians in recent years, we are progressively cutting through the 'myths and fables' to expose a more accurate story concerning the early development of, and subsequent modifications to our art.

That being said, when it comes to understanding what exactly the choreographed movements of kata may represent, we are heavily reliant upon our ability to effectively reverse engineer, based on the strategy and tactics of assumed contextual objectives, their related principles of application, our learning from past experiences, plus a hearty dose of logical thinking.

This online course shares an introductory-level Renzoku Bunkai - a continuous application flow drill based on the analysis of Naihanchi Kata, that I make use of in my dojo, as a basis to prompt a more holistic study of karate's kata for civilian self-defence, optimal movement mechanics, ongoing personal development and longevity.

After setting the scene with a description of some important fundamental assumptions from which the drill itself was created, each section will be taught step-by-step, before putting all the pieces together into a complete picture to form a single continuous practice. Following this, are a number of suggestions for 'breaking out of the box' and implementing the drill as more adaptable framework to help enhance your regular dojo practice, regardless of one's style or experience level.

This course also offers the opportunity for participants to earn a special certificate of completion, following a successful score on the end of course assessment.

This Renzoku drill from Naihanchi Kata is fairly easy to learn, being both concise yet rich in content. It analyses, emphasises and implements a number of key assumptions for exploring the choreography of kata, plus it is highly adaptable to be taken, modified and used in various ways for any practitioner or instructor involved in an applied karate curriculum.

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This course consists of over 2.5 hours of high quality video content, spread over a series of progressive lessons and arranged into several learning sections. Also included is a special bonus section that features selected premium videos from past seminars and private dojo footage relating to a deeper exploration of Naihanchi Kata...

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Denwood has been studying karate since childhood and is internationally acknowledged for his innovative approach to practical kata application, fundamental movement principles and the contemporary understanding of traditional teachings. He has been inaugurated into the World Combat Hall of Fame for his work in martial arts, having practiced and taught karate in countries across the globe, including Okinawa.

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I encourage everyone to connect & learn from Chris!

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One of the most forward-thinking martial artists I know!

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Chris brings together unique blend of tradition & innovation!

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You will learn deeply from Chris - highly recommended!

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