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Print Book: Respecting the Old Creating the New

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"Chris is one of the most thoughtful and eloquent martial artists I know - a great writer who communicates his points clearly and in a way that will provide all karate practitioners with plenty of food for thought."

A collection of lessons, thoughts & beliefs of the analysis of traditional karate for self-protection & personal growth.

This book is an accumulation of around five years work and is comprised of a selection of the authors articles and short philosophical thoughts on the analysis of traditional karate for civilian self-protection and personal growth.

Heavily illustrated with over 230 pictures, covered in this book are 22 thought-provoking chapters on history, kata bunkai (analysis), training methods, theoretical study, pragmatic application, overarching concepts, in addition to some of the author's personal insights, experiences and stories.

180 pages / Paperback / Perfect Bound.