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Books, video tutorials, virtual workshops, seminars and private training opportunities.

Explore with Chris the essence of Traditional Okinawan Karate for holistic self-defence, personal development, health and longevity. 

Print Book: Respecting the Old Creating the New


Print Book: Naihanchi (Tekki) Kata - The Seed of Shuri Karate Vol.1


Print Book: Naihanchi (Tekki) Kata - The Seed of Shuri Karate Vol.2


Video Download: Solo-Strike Drill No.1


Video Download: Solo-Strike Drill No.2


Video Download: Karate's Joint Attacks


Video Download: Solo Limb Control Drill No.1


Video Download: The Shu-Ha-Ri of Naihanchi Joint Seminar


Video Download: A Practical Exploration of Karate Kihon


Naihanchi Renzoku Bunkai Online Course

Video Download: Naihanchi - Attached Combative Tactics


"Chris is one of the most eloquent martial artists I know and one of the few who studies karate in the depth that it deserves" - Iain Abernethy

"Chris is one of the most forward thinking martial artists in the world today" - Paul Enfield

"I would encourage all who can to learn from Chris" - Pedro Bernardy

"Looking forward to welcoming Chris Denwood sensei back to Okinawa and our dojo. His seminars were fantastic and training with his group an absolute pleasure." - James Pankiewicz