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Video Download: Karate's Joint Attacks

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Joint attacks should be considered as a ‘support system’ in karate for self-defence and even though they should never make up the primary strategy for a real encounter, the kata still urge us to explore this area should the situation to apply such techniques ever presents itself.

“Knowledge of how to manipulate the joints of the human body has been a subject of traditional martial arts for centuries. The joint attacks found in karate are intended to be uncomplicated, easy to apply and very effective.”

In this 60-min video presentation, Chris Denwood takes you through a ten-stage flow drill from his own dojo that is designed to introduce some of the fundamental principles of joint attacks and to provide a solid platform, in order to explore the subject further. 

Topics covered include...
  • The role of joint attacks in self-defence.
  • The core principles for all joint attacks.
  • How to attack the shoulder, elbow and wrist effectively.
  • How to apply joint attacks for self-defence or control/restraint.
  • Where joint attacks can be found in traditional karate kata.
  • How to flow smoothly from one joint attack to the next.
  • Supplementary drills for expanding your study further.

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